Hammer Aerial NDT

Hammer Industries is proud to introduce Hammer Aerial NDT.

Through our exclusive partnerships, Hammer Industries offers a patented Nondestructive Testing (NDT) autonomous precision controlled aerial robotic system (drone) for defense and industrial applications. This platform can conduct autonomous nondestructive testing, cleaning and coating at heights and in confined spaces without the need for cranes, scaffolding, or rope work. This includes:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) such as wall or pipe thickness measurements of ships hull, oil & gas facilities, pipelines, etc. to ASTM, API, or other standards.
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) paint coating thickness measurements on ferrous substrates pursuant to SSPC-PA 2 or other standards, producing over 100 measurements per hour
  • Surface profile measurements for blast cleaned metal surfaces pursuant with SSPC-SP or other standards.
  • Nondestructive Examination (NDE), Nondestructive Inspection (NDI), confined space, and other inspections.

We do this without the need for cranes, scaffolding or rope work. Are you keeping your people safe?

Our mission is to provide elite tactical expertise to safely deliver your project solutions on time and within budget, to your complete satisfaction.

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